How to effect change … lead by example.

“The most influential and successful business leaders lead by example—calmly and confidently steering from the centre surrounded by empowered, competent, engaged people.”

Janice D. MacLean

Leadership is not a one-man band of decision-making, nor is it a dictatorship upon their throne. The most successful business leaders do not sit atop the point of a pyramid—they are the centre-point of a circle, surrounded by their people.

Just like a hurricane’s power is in the outer bands surrounding the calm eye of the storm, a leader is the calm eye of the storm in a business and their power comes from the people that surround them. Power and momentum is created by the synergy of every person in a business working together through their own decision-making process and actions. Every member of a business is a decision-maker—they make decisions every minute of every day, individually and collaboratively for the benefit of the business.

Great leaders confidently lead by example. They know when to lead and when to let others take the lead. When leaders trust their people to take the lead and made decisions on their own, people feel more self-assured, are more accountable and become more capable at making better decisions.

When leaders exude confidence and lead by example, it’s echoed back through their people, business momentum and prosperity.


Listen with eyes and ears, and lead by example.

Engage and empower your people to be thought leaders and confident decision-makers.

Activate conversation and contribution.

Direct with clarity.

Encourage and ensure open dialogue.

Respect diverse opinions and build trusting relationships through openness.

Support every department and every team member.

Hire and keep great people.

Inspire great work and a performance driven team.

Provide the tools for success, nurture confidence and recognize effort.

from her book BACK to BLACK | A Post-Pandemic Playbook

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