Janice D. MacLean, M.B.A.


Author | Facilitator

A published author and accomplished business professional, Janice is MBC’s Principal business practitioner.

She holds a Master of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership from the University of Liverpool and nearly three decades working in business leadership and consulting roles.

Janice’s business acumen has been acquired through working with industry leading professionals, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, global organizations, and Canadian and foreign governments.

Her passion for continuous learning and improvement of people and business is the foundation for MacLean Business Consulting (MBC).

She believes in legacy learning for young professionals and emerging leaders through open and authentic mentorship, coaching, and internship.

Whether it’s coaching, consulting, project management, or facilitating workshops, Janice takes your business from “where you are, to where you want to go” through engagement, collaboration, collective analysis, and authentic communications, while optimizing people, productivity, process and culture.

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