The future of business.

Transforming business through insightful analysis to optimize people, productivity, process and culture.

IMAGINE differently.

Over 25 years of leadership in business, consulting and coaching roles with industry leading companies, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses and global organizations.


INNOVATE fearlessly.

Consultation begins with listening and understanding the challenges, engaging varying perspectives to contribute to the conversation and then providing innovative, pragmatic solutions to achieve measurable results.


INSPIRE brilliance.

Inspiring a performance driven team optimizes people, productivity, process and performance. It builds business continuity, creates a culture of innovation and critical thinking, and contributes to retention and profitability.


“ Janice is warm, supportive, intelligent and has a great depth of knowledge of business practices.”

Glynis Sherwood, MEd, CCC, RCC

“She is a professional leader creating an environment of trust, open communication and teamwork, bringing out the best of all involved. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Deborah Locke, Art Director, Whitespace

“Janice drives results. She listens to gain a full understanding of a situation, then offers solutions that are creative and based on her years of experience.”

Melissa Breker, Change Lead, Teck Resources Limited