Discovery Sessions

Discover. Prioritize. Implement.

It’s back to business at full capacity, but it’s far from business as usual. What challenges are keeping you up at night? Who is making time to prioritize and implement an action plan to overcome challenges?

Discovery Sessions start with MBC facilitating open dialogue with the business owner(s) and may include department leaders and/or other key people and decision-makers. Discovery Sessions are designed to identify, analyze, and prioritize an action plan for project initiatives, while using internal team members for implementation. Project Coaching is available to steer implementation plans, and Project Management is available for a more comprehensive service.

Discovery Sessions

Option 1: A 45-minute Discovery Session followed up with an analysis and summary of recommendations which may include one or more workshops and/or project initiatives. $950.

Option 2: All of the above and an action plan for project prioritizing, planning and resources. $1,750.

Project Coach

Includes a Discovery Session, analysis, synopsis of project initiatives, recommendations, prioritization, and steering the implementation plan for one project. Includes three-thirty minute coaching sessions throughout the project.


Project Management

Includes a Discovery Session, analysis, synopsis of project initiatives, recommendations, prioritization and implementation plan, leadership coaching and project management for one project.

By Quote

“Janice is a people focused individual who has great communication and relationship management skills. She is a highly dedicated professional that strives to get the job done! I would not hesitate to recommend Janice to any organization.”

Naomi Law, Project Management Specialist, Dart Development Ltd.

“Janice drives results. She listens to gain a full understanding of a situation, then offers solutions that are creative and based on her years of experience and her interpersonal and communication skills are second to none.”

Melissa Breker, Change Lead, Teck Resources Limited

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