A Post-Pandemic Business Revolution

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” —Henry Ford

One of my favorite quotes and one of the inspirations behind my book BACK to BLACK | A Post-Pandemic Playbook. Henry Ford inspired the industrial revolution and I’m hoping to inspire a post-pandemic revolution for business transformation in the new normal.
The COVID-19 pandemic caused disruption in unimaginable ways to the way we work, live and socialize. It has been a worldwide wake-up call for people and businesses, reminding us how interconnected and interdependent we are.

As a business consultant, it has been difficult for me to watch so many businesses suffer and struggle throughout the pandemic. Last year, I decided the best way to help as many businesses as possible, was to write a book to help businesses thrive and prosper once again.
BACK to BLACK shines a spotlight on ten key business functions that contribute to prosperity, and then provides thirty action points to help the reader write their own Post-Pandemic Playbook.

 “A very engaging read … packed full of relevant key messages for business professionals to excel as we transition out of the pandemic into the new normal.”
—Douglas R. Day, President, First Cambridge Capital Inc., Canada

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